2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa2024-2025Annual logistics transportation procurement bidding

1、Project Name: 2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa2024-2025Annual logistics transportation procurement bidding documents

2. Procurement content

1Delivery scope: For details, please see the attachment quotation form.

2, cargo is: large machinery and equipment.

3, transportation vehicle requirements:

1) Vehicle model:17.5Mi -flat truck truck,13.5Mi -flat truck truck,9.6Mi -flat truck truck,6.8Michard car/Tablet truck,4.2Michard car/Tablet truck and other cargo box models and small parts of material transportation costs。

2) Packaging: After the cargo gets on the car,You need to cover the campaign and fix it。

3) Pickup requirements: Our company will notify the delivery by phone,After receiving notification,You need to transport your vehicle to our factory area within the designated time of our company。

4) Delivery requirements: Delivery at the specified time.

4, transportation qualification requirements

1) Follow the safest way of transportation、The most reasonable transportation method and time limit、Provide the best price。

2) Loading vehicles must be in good condition,The insurance company has underwritten,Complete review of the procedures for the testing of each test (driving license、Operation certificate、driver's license, etc.),Must maintain communication smoothly,In addition,To ensure the safety of goods,Vehicles must buy transport insurance with the value of goods value。

3) Driver must hold a certificate to work,No major transportation illegal records。

4) Service Method: Pick -up at the door,Direct delivery customer,Assist in loading and unloading the goods。

5) Cargo signing service: After Party A's customer signs the goods,Party B in Guangdong Province must return orders on the day of delivery,The latest day of the next day must be visited to provide Party A (except for the customer's extension of the return),Party B outside Guangdong Province must be delivered after delivery4Care documents signed the customer within the hour and send a photo with a special chapter for receiving the goods and send it to Party A,and at7Provide the original order to Party A within the day,If it does not return the bill to the order within the specified time

Party A, Party A has the right to not settle the cost of the car.

6) Please explain the delay of the goods、Damage、Loss of compensation methods。

7) Invoice matters:9%Special invoice for VAT.

3. Procurement budget: The total annual budget of this project is30010,000 yuan.

Bidding process:

(1) Receive information: bidding documents (2024 jogos Copa do Europa

Official website, company WeChat public account).

(2) Delivery method: All response files should be in 2024 year 4 month 24 Day09:30(Beijing Time) Send a courier to Guanlan Street Square Road, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen 50 No. 2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa Science and Technology Park 15625030154 Miss Wu received.

(3) Public bidding time:2024 year 4 month 17 Day to 2024 year 4 month24 Day 09:30(Beijing Time).

(4) Submitting deadline:2024 year 4 month 24 Day 09:30(Beijing Time).

(5) Bidding review time:2024 year 4 month 24 Day 09:30(Beijing Time).

(6) Contact: Wu Siqi      Tel:15008163146