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Name: Tangshan

National: Han

Education: Master of Engineering of Shenzhen University

2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa founder

The invention patent obtained

1、Patent name: A central air -conditioning energy -saving system intelligent control operation method,Patent number: ZL201410316940.1,Second place,2017-07-07;
2、Patent Name: Fully Automatic Silicon Global Cushion Machine,Patent number: ZL201710016232.x,Fourth place,2019-02-19;
3、Patent Name: Full Automatic Putting of High -temperature Paper Machine,Patent number: ZL201710016231.5,Fourth place,2019-07-05;
4、Patent Name: Paper Packa clamp clamp and glue device,Patent number: ZL201810124519.9,Second place,2020-04-24;
5、Patent Name: Writing Paper Paper Equipment,Patent number: ZL2017111184739.2,Third place,2020-04-24;
6、Patent Name: Automatic envelope equipment,Patent number ZL201810678184.5,Second place,2020-07-14;
7、Patent name: Lithium battery protection board terminal buckle method and system,Patent number: ZL201610989163.6,Second place,2020-07-14;
8、Patent name: Battery performance test method and device,Patent number: ZL201810032293.x,Second place,2020-07-14。
1、Patent name: Lithium battery laser welding spots visual detection device,Patent number: ZL201520817074.4,Second place,2016-04-13;
2、Patent Name: Automation System of Vehicle Filmline,Patent Number: ZL201520817350.7,Third place,2016-04-13;
3、Patent name: PCM board fully automatic laser welding equipment,Patent Number: ZL201621211859.8,Third place,2017-07-04;
4、Patent name: Battery side adhesive paper sticker,Patent number: ZL20162121186.0,Third place,2017-07-04;
5、Patent name: The folder of the robot,Patent number: ZL201720832833.3 ,First place,2018-02-23;
6、Patent Name: Line Section Dip Tin Device,Patent number: ZL201721035070.6,Fifth place,2018-02-27;
7、Patent Name: Feed controlled control agency and their feeding code scanning code,Patent number: ZL201720973638.2,Fourth place,2018-02-27;
8、Patent Name: Underwriting Equipment、Pressure equipment、Demolition equipment and processing cold water pipe system,Patent number: ZL201721152636.3 ,Second place,2018-04-03;
9、Patent name: Power battery welding device,Patent Number: ZL201720741490.X,Second place,2018-04-17;
10、Patent name: Circular processing vehicle,Patent number: ZL201720978550.X,Second place,2018-04-17;
11、Patent Name: Transportation Agency,Patent number: ZL201720924166.1,Second place,2018-05-01;
12、Patent Name: Cylinder Core Core Laser Dipping Machine,Patent number: ZL201721325227.9,Fifth place,2018-05-01;
13、Patent Name: Take the Materials Robot Device,Patent number: ZL201820217797.4,Second place,2018-08-08;
14、Patent Name: PCB Patch Patch Paper Positioning System,Patent number: ZL201820149917.1,Third place,2018-08-21;
15、Patent Name: Auto -sharing mechanism at the bottom,Patent number: ZL201820365972.4,Second place,2018-09-04;
16、Patent Name: Core high -temperature adhesive paper machine,Patent number: ZL201820743045.1,Second place,2019-01-22

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1、In 2019, it was awarded the MPs Labor Model in Guangming District, Shenzhen,And as an entrepreneur representativeSpeaking

2、Participate in Shenzhen Technical Reform Project Review as a technical expert,Get a good social effectYi

3、Is Shenzhen Electrician、programmable designer、Management and design of pneumatic and hydraulic systemIndustry Senior Entrance Examiner,Participate in industry work competitions and professional qualifications many timesEvaluation, get betterSocial Effect

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1Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Newspaper has an interview article1 article

2、The 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up affects Shenzhen's equipment industrial innovation and development-The innovative figures have been published in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

1、Inverter、programmable program controller、Touch screen and configuration software comprehensive application technology-Editorial board

2、Shenzhen Intelligent Transformation Typical Case Collection (2018 Edition) -The integrated solution of intelligent manufacturingDecision Plan Integrationer (2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa)-Lereals

3、Science and Technology Shangpin (2019 No. 8) Analysis of shallow CNC technology in mechanical automation-Author

4. Personal patent 24 items

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1The 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up affects Shenzhen's equipment industrial innovation and development-The innovative figure

2. Winning five -day labor model in Guangming District, Shenzhen

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