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URL: www.aursen.cn
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Address:No. 50, Guanlan Street Square Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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2024 jogos Copa do Europa,It is a national high -tech enterprise focusing on the production automation non -standard intelligent equipment。

The company has South China Headquarters (Marketing Center、R & D Center、Manufacturing Center, etc.),and East China、Huazhong、North China Office, etc. can radiate the country's R & D and after -sales service team。2018 company responds to the "Belt and Road" policy,Invest in the Indian market,Establish an Indian office。The current total number of companies is about 300 people,More than 200 professional and technical personnel,Among them, graduate degree: 15 people,Bachelor degree: more than 150 people,Senior engineer of automated R & D in 10 years or more: 30 people,More than 5 years of automated research and development experience。

The company focuses on: 1 & gt; BMS protective board automatic line、3C digital battery cell equipment、Lithium battery PACK automated lines such as automated equipment; 2 & gt; cylindrical battery、soft bag stack、square aluminum shell power battery automatic line equipment; 3 & gt; visual&Appearance detection equipment, laser division machines and point reesence machines.

The company's customer bases are all well -known domestic listed companies,Such as: BAIC New Energy、Huawei、Guangxi Great Manganese Group、Xinwangda、Zhejiang Xinxin Group, etc.。
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