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Project management realizes agile delivery of sand table drill training
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                                                                                                                01 Tang President Speech

     Thank you for actively participating in this "Project Management Training",I hope everyone can take this training seriously,Through this training and study,Let everyone understand the lack of their own professional knowledge,Under the guidance of Teacher Mei, a actual management expert of the project,Efforts to learn professional knowledge,Improve personal project management level and professionalism。Only we have improved,The company will have better development。

                                                                                                             02 group discussion

     This training is mainly through the realistic sandbox simulation environment,Grouping according to the real project of the company,Discussion。Simulation through the case,Practice the work to be completed in the project process in the course,Let everyone get high -quality project management training content in time,to increase the degree of investment in project team members、At the same time of its own quality and level,Let everyone enter the real project status。

                                                        03 Short photos of the training results of each group

     Members of each group under the guidance of the teacherSuccessfulCompletedTwo -day project managementTraining! I hope that members of each group can learn this training in subsequent work,Flexible application in actual work,Realize the agile delivery of the project。

      Enterprise will develop,Talent is the key,We need the theory of understanding now、Understand technology、Compound talents who understand business。Only continuously strengthen training,Rich knowledge reserve,Comprehensively improve your comprehensive quality。

      The company has always regarded the overall comprehensive quality of the core personnel of 2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa as a unremitting work。Strengthening learning and training to continuously improve the technical level of the team、Management level and service consciousness,True a high quality、Strong skill、Hard 2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa Team。