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2024 jogos Copa Do Europa Huanbao
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2024 jogos Copa Do Europa focuses on production automation intelligent equipment,Scientific and technological innovation ability is getting stronger,Injecting vitality into Shenzhen's intelligent manufacturing industry,It is a new forces in the intelligent manufacturing industry,The evaluation of the Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association、The "Shenzhen Advanced Manufacturing Intelligent Equipment Field Cow" awarded by the Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Industry Association!

                                                                      Dedicated to become an expert in automation intelligent equipment

      2014 2024 jogos Copa Do Europa Automation Co., Ltd.,According to the actual situation of the market,With a forward -looking layout of the new energy intelligent equipment industry,After 7 years of technical precipitation,Become a leading company in the lithium battery industry。

     In the process of deep cultivation in the automation industry,formed a unique technical advantage,Automatic at lithium battery PACK、Core equipment、PCM protective board automatic line、Power battery automatic line comprehensive breakthrough,Not only that,It has also established a self -organic processing workshop,Forms a very competitive market advantage。

                                                                                                               Core equipment

Turn on Disk injection machine、Precision Rubbing Machine、Full automatic battery detection line、Core high -speed sorting machine products,Industry leading。

                                                                                                       Lithium battery PACK automatic line

Have a general module line、High -speed Line、High -tech lithium PACK device such as high -tech lines,Meet the needs of different customer groups for lithium battery PACK equipment。

                                                                                                      PCM protective board automatic line

Mobile phone protective board welding fully automatic line,Service Xiaomi、OPPO、vivo、Huawei and other customers; laptop protective board welding full automatic line,Service Lenovo、Hewlett -Packard、Dell and other customers。

                                                                                                           Power battery automatic line

The entire line width、High unity,Beautiful appearance。Leading in the technology industry,Use robot modular design,Siemens bus control,High -speed replacement efficiency,Stable operation。

                                                                                                           Independent processing workshop

High -precision spare parts、vehicle,Autonomous processing,Meet the requirements for equipment use; batch part processing,Reduce cost; small batch ECN part processing,Fast response speed。

      2024 Jogos Copa Do Europa with a strong scientific research team、Rich project management experience and efficient assembly technology laid 5 major technical advantages,In the future, it will continue to play its own advantages,Increase investment in scientific research,Establishing industry -university -research cooperation with universities,Actively teach industry experience,Cultivate high -tech new generation。